How to not miss the chance for your child to learn a second language
This totally free video and printable will get your kids talking a second language in 5 minutes or less! Plus, free travel guide on language immersion travel for half the price. 
How not to miss your chance to learn a second language with your child
This totally free video and printable will get your kids talking a second language in 5 minutes or less! It also includes a FREE bonus guide "International Family Travel with 1/2 the Price Tag"
"The Secret sauce to learning a second language is cONNECTION"
- Adrienne Babbitt, Learn with Me Languages Founder 

The Family Language Exchange

Apps Don't Work. If you want you want to speak a language you need to SPEAK it. Our Family Language Exchange program matches native Spanish and English speaking families. They learn TOGETHER. 

You are 100% supported with curriculum, hands-on activities to learn while connecting together as a family, and an amazing community.

Friendships form, and real relationships motivate you and your kids to keep learning!  

If you would like to apply for the Family Language Exchange, there are a limited number famlies we accept in our program when enrollment is open. Apply here
See more families who are learning through the Family Language Exchange.

Blast-off or Reboost your language learning with the
 21-Day Bridge Builder Challenge

Connect with a Native Speaking Family of your Target Language During the Challenge to Learn Together. 
Includes Printable Signs so you can learn while weaving the language into your daily life. 
Cement the language through proven recall methods like experiences and music.
You can get a taste of our Family Language Exchange program by taking part in our 21-Day Bridge-Builder Challenge which starts Nov 19.
Have your child speak back 5 phrases in 5 minutes
Did you know that you can start teaching your child a second language right at your own dinner table, even if you aren't a native speaker?
These 5 phrases will stick with the power of music and real life experience. No screens. No useless vocabulary or grammar drills. Real communication because, well... that's what language is really all about.

Learn while doing life with your kids

Parents are overworked and tired. They don't have hours of dedicated study time. Our proven system helps parents learn while they having fun with their kids.

The myth: I can't learn a language as an adult. 

Research shows that adults are actually much more efficient learners than children. You can learn and teach your child at the same time. Bit by bit, the same way children naturally acquire their first language. 

International Travel without breaking the bank

Learn how to create language immersion travel experiences at a fraction of the cost. Get the guide that will save you thousands of $$ as FREE BONUS GIFT.
success stories
“Adrienne was incredibly helpful and encouraging on our journey to give our adoptive children the gift of their heritage language. She curated easy steps that we can incorporate into our busy lives with 3 little ones. Although their particular birth language has limited learning resources, she was very creative and was always proactive and eager to create new resources for our family.“
“I loved your class. I was not going to come but I felt pulled, and I left feeling inspired. My 14-year-old would like to go to Spain and stay with a friend that is moving over next year. I have been looking for something to get this child going and I am excited to use your strategies with her."

“Your class has prompted me to set a goal to return to Russia.  
Thanks for choosing to learn a language and for using your strength to gather to help others. I so appreciate your coming such a long distance to share your experiences and your music.”

LouAnn S.
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